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Men’s Gift Guide

mens gift guide

Men can be so hard to buy for. Every year, Alex always says “I don’t want anything”, knowing that I am have to buy him a gift. That is just my personality, I love buying gifts!! A little hint would be nice, haha. I decided to compile a list of Alex’s favorite gifts he has received over the years, to help you out when buying for your boyfriends, husbands, dads, brothers, any man in your life!

The Grill Master

  1. Vision Grill – every man needs a grill! I got Alex a Big Green Egg for his 30th birthday party. It is an amazing grill, however they are super expensive. I wanted to link something a little more affordable that is similar quality. After doing some research, these Vision Grills are great grills for about half the price. They even look similar to the Green Eggs!
  2. Stainless Steel Grill Accessories – I really don’t know what these items are, but when I purchased Alex’s grill, the man told me these were necessary tools for upkeep! I know I see Alex using the ash tool poker every time he grills.
  3. Chimney Top – this grill accessory helps control the heat
  4. Grill Thermometer – this thermometer is so helpful when determining whether your meat is fully cooked or not. It also helps cook steaks at the desired temperature. We love our thermometer!
  5. Grill Cover – very self explanatory. It is nice to keep the grill covered from direct sunlight and stormy weather conditions.
  6. Grill Set – this is a great value deal. Alex uses this all of the time!
  7. Gun Powder Seasoning Mix – this seasoning mix is a MUST have for grilling!!! This makes a great stocking stuffer.

The Man Who Likes to Have Fun

  1. Outdoor Beer Pong – such a fun party game! Great for the beach, backyard, or tailgate!
  2. Yeti Rambler Colster – this koozie keeps your man’s beer warm for HOURS! These are amazing!
  3. Yeti Cooler – this Yeti cooler is great because it is easy to carry. The traditional Yeti coolers are so heavy, but this one is a bag with a shoulder strap. It does an amazing job at keeping your beverages cool all day long! Yeti products are all so good and worth the money!

The Business Man

  1. Brief Case – a nice leather brief leather brief case is always a good gift option. Alex loves his, and uses it every day at work!
  2. Cole Haan Dress Shoes – these are Alex’s favorite work shoes. He has a variety of styles, but this particular one is his favorite. He only wears Cole Haan shoes to work because of their comfort, sleek style, and durability.
  3. K Bell Socks – Alex always loves wearing a fun pair of socks under his work pants. He especially loves the golf socks. K Bell has a variety of fun, comfortable socks for all occasions.

The Cozy Man

  1. Ugg Slippers – these Ugg slippers are leather on the outside, with hard soles. They can be worn outside and are so durable. These last a long time!
  2. Barbour Jacket – This is Alex’s favorite jacket. These are expensive, but the quality is amazing. They keep you so warm, and are super durable.
  3. Barbour Vest – this is a great option for when it is not super cold, but your man needs a slight layer of warmth.
  4. Custom Coffee Mugs – I love these custom coffee mugs. I had a sleeve made with the map of our wedding Church on it. These are so special and unique!

Okay guys, that’s all I have for the Men!! I feel like this includes something special for every man in your life, at all price points! I hope this helps!



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