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The Mimmo Caddy



Is your diaper bag packed to the top, and you have a hard time organizing your most-used baby products? I love my diaper bag, but it is so hard to have all of my essentials easily accessible. I finally found the perfect solution to this problem: the Mollie Ollie Mimmo Caddy!!


The Mimmo Caddy organizer is  a portable nursery storage bin you can take on the go! The caddy’s flexible, organized design is especially useful for busy moms. The quality is amazing! It is made of a heavy duty felt material, enhanced stitching, and has a very sturdy base. The Mimmo Caddy features a unique zipper compartment to help organize small items. You can keep your child’s teether, nasal aspirators, feeding utensils, or any other small items in a clean, covered compartment. I also love the velcro compartments. You can compartmentalize your items, or just have one big caddy. So many options!


Here are some perfect uses for this caddy:


  1. The mom of the newborn- it seems like you need diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc… in every room with you during those first few weeks. This is an easy way to tote all of the essentials room to room.
  2. The on-the-go mom – this is my favorite use of this caddy! Keep your diapers, wipes, snacks, drinks, toys, books….anything you need on the go in this caddy. It keeps everything so organized and at your finger tips!
  3. Parents / In-laws / Babysitters – leave a caddy full of baby essentials at your babysitters’ houses. I plan on keeping one at the grandparent’s house, that way I don’t have to tote around bags every time they babysit for us!
  4. Other non-baby uses include: laundry organization, arts and crafts bag, cosmetic/bathroom storage, and stationary storage.


The Mimmo Caddy organizer is the perfect baby shower gift, or, if you are a new mom, go ahead and put this on your amazon baby registry. You can purchase the caddy from Amazon by clicking this link: Mimmo Caddy .




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